Ford trains salespeople with Focus Specialist Certification Program

Because the Focus isn't just an ordinary car
Jul 24, 2012
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ford schools its sales specialist by launching its Focus Specialist Certification Program

With the first units of the recently launched Ford Focus reaching customers in September, Ford Group Philippines is now busy conducting its Focus Specialist Certification Program for its select sales personnel.

According to the American carmaker, the Focus Specialist Certification Program is "an intensive three-day training program designed to equip the Ford sales team with comprehensive product knowledge of the all-new Focus, including its segment-first smart technologies."

Powered by Ford Academy, a regional training system designed to enhance dealership competence and capability, the Focus Specialist Certification Program consists of lectures and workshops on product features and is conducted through a series of detailed feature discussions, role-playing, competitive product analysis, basic technical operations, and experiential test drives.

For the first time, the program uses iPads as sales and delivery tools, allowing the sales specialist to use applications specifically designed for the Focus. The program also has the Focus Specialists participating in a practical demonstration of the Focus's segment-first technologies, which are the Active Park Assist and the Active City Stop.

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"Our objective is to develop a pool of highly skilled Ford Focus Specialists," said Margo Delfinado, assistant vice president for Ford Academy. "Such a dynamic car must be complemented by best-in-class consultants to top the expectations of our discerning customers."

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