Frankfurt 2011: Exciting times for SsangYong with XIV-1 Concept

The magic lies on the inside
Sep 14, 2011

Ssangyong XIV-1

SsangYong has revealed the XIV-1, the Korean carmaker's next-generation crossover that combines the characteristics of a B-segment sport-utility vehicle and with the affordability of running a small family car.

The XIV-1, which got its name from the phrase "eXciting user Interface Vehicle," is expected to contribute greatly to SsangYong's development of a new mass-production model.

Check out the technical data of the SsangYong XIV-1.

Ssangyong XIV-1 specs

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More than just creating an appealing exterior design, SsangYong focuses on the interior elements to make the car as exciting as it promises to be.

"The objective of the XIV-1 is to maximize the enjoyment of movement while also providing passengers with a moving communication space," the Korean carmaker said in a statement. "SsangYong's designers have named the interior concept 'each one and all together,' enabling passengers to freely move and rotate all the seats to tailor the cabin layout to their specific needs."

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Aside from being able to move forward and back, all four seats of the concept crossover can rotate 360 degrees. It's pretty much like having a swivel chair inside the car but let's hope future drivers keep their seat stable and facing the road.

Another factor that makes the XIV-1 live up to its name is the user interface that offers a bunch of functions via the integrated Smart mobile devices.

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"Using the kind of devices that the driver and passengers are likely to be carrying at all times, they can control everything from the audio system, the display of informationo n the dashboard and online communications," Ssangyong said.

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