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Aug 31, 2011

Imagine this: You're out on a date and your car won't start. Turns out it's a case of a dead battery, which means you need to jump-start your car. Problem is, you're not 100 percent sure about the step-by-step process of doing so, and an error would be most catastrophic given that the girl of your dreams is watching your every move. She's obviously wondering whether she's with an automotive MacGyver or some motoring poseur. You could call a knowledgeable friend--like what some dude did recently--but that would be embarrassing.

Your thought bubble? "I wish I had a pocket guide on automotive troubleshooting right now."

Good news, then: Our September 2011 issue (which also happens to be our seventh-anniversary issue) comes with a free copy of 'Top Gear's Definitive Glove Compendium.' Presented by Handyman, this freebie essentially includes "every basic car problem solved in one pocket guide." It is divided into five sections: (1) Under the Hood; (2) Behind the Wheel; (3) Inside the Cabin; (4) Junk in the Trunk; and (5) Not Just Skin-Deep. The sections cover all the basic problems the average motorist encounters in and around the car.

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Keep this in your glove compartment and never worry about disastrous date nights ever again.


The Top Gear Glove Compendium

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