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Mini is out to impress once again and this time the Geneva International Motor Show will be its stage when it unveils the funky Rocketman Concept.

The Rocketman Concept is a three-door 3+1-seater designed for an active city life with its functionality, agility and efficiency. At just a little over three meters long, the Mini concept intends to take up very little space on the road while it promises a spacious interior.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable features of the Mini Rocketman Concept are the side doors, which pivot outwards with their sills to allow easy access into the car even in tight parking spaces.

"The front-hinged doors have a double-hinge joint, which also allows a large opening angle when space is restricted," Mini said in a statement. "The innovative character of this construction element is also evident when the doors are closed; the carbon hinges standing out visibly in form and color from the rest of the body."

Another eye-catching detail is the illuminated glass roof that is said to put on "an extraordinary light show."

"The full-surface glass roof is segmented by illuminated braces to recreate the look of Britain's Union Jack flag," Mini said. "When not illuminated, the longitudinal, horizontal and diagonal braces glow a bright Porcelain White. In darkness the integrated optical fibers give the interior of the MINI Rocketman Concept a pleasantly indirect illumination and, as a result, a more effective nocturnal appearance."

But the Rocketman Concept is not just about funky looks. The premium subcompact car concept also aims at delivering fuel efficiency. Its drive system coupled with light-weight materials result in an average fuel consumption of only three liters per 100 kilometers.

Something like this looks perfect for driving in the Philippines, don't you think?

Photos from Mini

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