German dealership reveals Lamborghini Sesto Elemento's price

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Jan 3, 2011

Just how much is the freshly-revealed Sesto Elemento? Lamborghini itself has yet to say whether or not the supercar will go into production yet a German exotic car dealership's website has already placed a price tag on it.

At, the Sesto Elemento is priced at €2.262 million (P131.62 million at €1:P58.187)--that covers a net value of €1.9 million (P110.611 million) for the car itself and €361,144 (over P21 million) for taxes.

Besides the expensive figures, the only information given about the car is that it has already covered 90 kilometers, which probably reflects the test mileage the unit has done before it was delivered to the dealership.

In November 2010, French automotive website hinted that the price of the Sesto Elemento could reach as much as €2.5 million (over P149 million at €1:P59.694). So if got the pricing right, then you could actually be getting the hypercar at a bargain price.

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