Goodbye, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Galant?

Global small car to be sold globally including Southeast Asia
Jan 21, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Goodbye, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Galant

Mitsubishi Motors president Osamu Masuko has confirmed the demise of US-made Eclipse, Endeavor and Galant as the Japanese car brand focuses on the production of global-market vehicles in its American plants.

Masuko revealed via that the US-made vehicles will be phased out by 2014 and its sole American plant in Illinois will start to assemble models that will use the same platform currently used by the Lancer EX and ASX.

The report added that by manufacturing global market vehicles, Mitsubishi hopes to increase its sales in the US by three percent. Sales boost is also expected to come from the Mitsubishi’s all-new lineup for America, which will include the production model of the recently revealed global small car.

"Our sales in North America will increase," Masuko said in the report. "We'll still be selling cars brought in from Japan, and we'll be adding the global small car as well."

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The global small car will initially be built in Thailand. It will be sold in the US, China, Southeast Asia, Russia and Brazil.

"We will aim to boost sales with globally competitive vehicles such as compact models that meet the needs of the middle class in emerging markets, as well as SUVs that appeal to customers across many regions, including mature markets," Masuko added.

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