Geneva Motor Show preview: Mitsubishi's Concept Global Small Car

Mitsubishi’s entry to Thailand’s eco-car program
Jan 19, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Mitsubishi’s entry to Thailand’s eco-car program

Mitsubishi has revealed the Concept Global Small Car, the highlight of its display at the upcoming Geneval International Motor Show.

The concept car, which will eventually be Mitsubishi’s entry to Thailand’s eco-car program, is scheduled to go into production by March 2012.

Mitsubishi's Concept Global Small is aimed at delivering good maneuverability and easy operation while demonstrating a highly efficient interior that can comfortably accommodate five adults.

The Concept Global Small also plans to be the most fuel efficient in its class through:

- its 1-liter to 1.2-liter compact engine that’s equipped with a regenerative braking system;
- the use of an idling stop mechanism;
- the reduction of running resistance in the engine, new-generation CVT, brakes, and tires;
- trimming the weight of the most complex parts; and
- a body shape that greatly reduces aerodynamic resistance.

Mitsubishi is also eyeing the Concept Global Small to minimize its carbon dioxide emissions to only in the mid-90 grams per kilometer range.

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