Here are the 10 winners of the Performance Reinvented contest

To attend grand launch of new trailblazing motoring product
May 27, 2012

Performance Reinvented

Last May 9, we announced that "an awesome motoring product is hitting the Philippine market on May 28." And then we asked you to focus on the phrase "Performance Reinvented" and give us an example of a performance car being reinvented further to become an even more awesome road machine. We said then that the senders of the 10 best examples would be invited to the grand launch of the above-mentioned product tomorrow.

Here are the 10 winners:

1. civicmugen: The Civic Mugen RR. Only 300 were produced. They reduced the weight by using carbon fiber and aluminum body parts. The engine was also tuned to give a higher output and torque.

2. speed3: Well, there's the awesome Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, and then there's this much more awesome Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition, which, if I can remember, was released right around 1999-2000, custom-tuned and inspired by WRC champion Tommi Makinen, who was Mitsubishi's top WRC driver at that time.

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3. m_rvra: The Pagani Zonda was one of the fastest car in the world. But Pagani wasn't satisfied and built the Pagani Zonda R, which boasts a 6.0-liter AMG V12 M120 engine.

4. neotech93: The Ford Mustang is an excellent example of "Performance Reinvented." It's been with us since the '60s and is still with us now. It has gone through five generations of styling changes while still retaining those classic Mustang lines. If you look at the years of each generation and the corresponding styling, it reflects the trends of the times. The Mustang kept on reinventing itself in order to keep up with the times. It also kept on reinventing its engine. It started with a measly 101hp and now you can find a Mustang with more than 1,000hp (Shelby Super Snake).

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5. japster_13: The Porsche 911 is the best example of "Performance Reinvented." It has been continuously improved by Porsche ever since it first came out in 1963. They have been using the same concept but improved it with new technology and design tweaks to make the 911 faster and fresher for each generation. Not only is each generation an improvement of the previous one, but within each generation, further development was made to maximize the performance--thus the S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S variants.

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6. 16c galibier: Bentley Continental Convertible Super Sports ISR, which has the world's ice record, The all-wheel-drive Super Sports Convertible achieved a speed of 205.48mph (330.695kph) on a specially created 16.5km-long track on the frozen Baltic Sea. And the Continental Convertible Super Sports ISR has beaten the Continental GT's old record of 199.83mph (321.6kph).

7. tgpfan: The Impreza would be an example of how Subaru reinvents performance. When Subaru Tecnica International tweaked it and brought the WRX STI, it boasted 300hp. In addition to that, they also developed the SI-drive which gives you options on how you want to drive your STI--be it fast, really fast, or crazy fast! Now, that's what I call reinvention!

8. robin_micmac: I nominate the Jaguar XK-RS. The Jaguar XK has been around for quite a while as a performance grand tourer from Jag. With the XK-RS though, Jaguar substantially improved the XK to become the fastest production car Jaguar has ever made, with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 now pumping out 550hp with upgraded suspension, aerodynamics, upgraded brakes and for the first time red brake calipers on a Jag. It is faster than any current Aston Martin (excluding the One-77).

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9. sef21: The SLR McLaren 722 Edition is a great example of performance reinvented. The regular SLR McLaren was already one of the fastest supercars in the world. To make it slightly lighter, stiffer and more powerful is like adding more sweets to an already delicious cake. It isn't really necessary. But Mercedes-Benz did it and everybody wanted one. The main reason why I chose the SLR McLaren 722 Edition as a great example of performance reinvented is because its driving dynamics will make you think that you're in a race car compared to the regular car which is more like a cruiser.

10. njb1216: Performance reinvented? Definitely the Toyota AE86. The AE86 was derived from the humble automotive line of the Corolla, a dependable econobox meant for transporting your typical everyman. Built in a time when the industry standard in its class was leaning toward front-wheel drive, it definitely reinvented performance. Everyone thinks of performance as the numbers (0-100, quarter mile, horsepower and torque values), but this car definitely broke the norm of performance. While it did not have the ultra-high horsepower ratings of performance-oriented cars, it specialized in balance, neutrality and responsiveness, which added a different (yet greatly important) dimension aside from the usual numbers. It also redefined performance in the sense that cars that perform well need not be ultra-expensive. The result? A touge monster, spawning a cult following with the mindset that performance can be attainable in a unique way, which revolutionized the way future sports cars are made and driven. From its humble roots, the AE86 definitely is the epitome of PERFORMANCE REINVENTED.

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Now, here's the thing. The grand launch of the mystery motoring product is TOMORROW, May 28. Which means we definitely need to coordinate with the 10 winners as soon as possible. We therefore respectfully ask these 10 winners to please post their mobile phone numbers in the comment box below, and we will have the event organizer get in touch with them for the launch details.

Thank you all for joining.

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