Honda teases with Mugen-treated CR-Z

A hybrid car never looked--or sounded--as good as this one
Jun 15, 2011
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Hybrid's don't get enough respect, with old-fashioned automobile purists saying that these type of vehicles are really just half a car. Perhaps when they see--and hear--what Honda and Mugen have done with the CR-Z, they might change their minds.

Based on a standard CR-Z and developed by both Honda (UK) and Mugen Euro, the car retains the Integrated Motor Assist electric motor while its original 1.5-liter engine has been rebuilt to Mugen's specifications. With the addition of the supercharger, the CR-Z Mugen's output has now been boosted to 200hp and 245Nm of torque.

Early tests with the prototype car have already revealed that its 0-100kph time matches around that of a Civic Type R's.

With both Honda (UK) and Mugen Euro looking to increase the power output of this mid-tune engine by 15 percent while reducing  the vehicle's weight by over 50kg, the car is set to hit the performance targets set by Mugen Euro.

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"Early fuel consumption tests have also been encouraging," said Mugen Euro's general manager Colin Whittamore. "We've retained the three driving modes from the standard car and economy ranges from 50+mpg (21+km/L) in 'eco' mode to mid-30 mpg (12+km/L) when tapping into the supercharged power in a special 'MUGEN' mode."

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On top of the performance tweaks, the CR-Z Mugen gets what appears to be a carbon fiber bonnet, a lower mesh grille with the Mugen emblem, a front under spoiler, side spoiler and a dramatically-designed rear wing.

In the video below, you’ll even get to hear how good it sounds.

The Honda CR-Z Mugen makes its official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.



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