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Oct 4, 2013


If you envy the seven-year-old winner of the 21st Century Beetle which Volkswagen Philippines raffled off last weekend, a Beetle USB memory stick might be the next best thing. Last Saturday, September 28, we posted the above photo on our Facebook page with the following caption:

Volkswagen Philippines\' brand launch giveaway is this cute Beetle USB memory stick. We will give this to the person who posts the most convincing argument as to why he/she should get this. Go!

As expected, dozens of Volkswagen (and Top Gear) fans posted their best argument in hopes of winning this cute USB stick. Some of our favorites:

* \"Because I can still remember how to slide into the backseat when I was a kid!\" - Veni Orlina

* \"Volkswagen reminds me of my childhood. I grew up with the distinct loud noise of its exhaust. I already knew my Lolo was near the house because of the \"helicopter noise\" it produced. I loved it! One more thing, in school and in the neighborhood, we called this Kotseng Kuba, and would hit each other\'s head and say \'Pendong\'!\" - Arvin Vincent Palomar

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* \"That would be a great addition to my VW 1:64 scale-model collection.\" - Ronaldo Torres Marcelo

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* \"It would look great attached to my Pioneer USB stereo that\'s installed in my VW Beetle. As they say: terno.\" - Barbie Saldua

* \"My first car was a red VW Beetle just like this.\" - Hansen Co Dy

* \"When I was a kid, my teacher had a yellow Volks and he would run the car in circles around our school gymnasium. I had a fun experience and made lots of happy memories with my classmates. And if I owned that Volks (USB stick), I would have a chance to reminisce those good old days.\" - Ymman Enriquez

* \"I\'m 17 years old. And a girl. I\'ve battled with my dad in naming the most cars along the highway since I was seven. That\'s how we bond--not the usual take-me-to-the-park-with-my-Barbie thing. And we\'ve always wanted a Volkswagen since then. It\'s our thing. But a USB will sure do.\" - Jamie Magsakay

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* \"I\'m a real VW fan! My VW has been with me in three continents. I bought it in Tel Aviv, Israel, back in 2003. Drove it there for two years. In 2005, I had it shipped to Toronto, Canada. Drove it there for two years. In 2007, I had it shipped here in Manila. It\'s been six years since. The Jetta is now 10 years old and still looks good and driving strong.\" - Juan Carlos Paredes Rosales

* \"The first car that I rode when I was five years old was a VW Beetle back in 1968, so that\'s a very nice thing to own. My memory stick for that VW Beetle childhood experience.\" - Noel Sanchez

* \"I would love for this classic miniature to be added to my die-cast scale model collection, and a 1:1 scale of a 1968 German VW Beetle with banana rims.\" - Ivan Leonard Angelo Tocao

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* \"I had a toy car collection until 2009, but it was destroyed after our house got flooded in September of that year because of Ondoy. One of the cars in that collection was a die-cast 1967 classic Beetle. I would really appreciate you if you gave me this because the kid inside my heart really loves this car and it brings back my childhood memories. Today, I am a 17-year-old student and this USB would be a great help to me. Plus, I believe that having this Beetle USB would be one step closer to having a real Beetle in the future.\" - John Montiflor

* \"Wow! I went to Volkswagen museum in Wolfsburg because it\'s my dad\'s favorite car. I bought Volkswagen miniature cars, mouse pad, ID lace and mug for my dad, nephew and brother. But I didn\'t see any USB sticks. Hope to have this and give it to my dad. Where can I buy this?\" - Mia Christina Taroy

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* \"I want to give this to my father who once owned a Beetle. Hopefully he remembers why he sold his Beetle: because he needed the money to finance my hospital bills when I was young. He will surely be happy when I give him this Beetle and buy him a brand-new 2013 model.\" - Vonrich Kenshin

* \"Because my mom used to work for DMG, the dealer of VW back then, and it will be a great 70th birthday gift for her.\" - Anthony Vincent Cruz

* \"I have a 1970 Beetle and a 1973 Kombi transporter! I live the VW life!\" - Jose Paolo Aguado

* \"My first car was a Beetle. I loved it so much I learned how to tune up its engine. Lots of big-time memories with that car as well.\" - Dennis Anthony Zamora

* \"Reminds me my dad\'s car. Our very first family car.\" - Fentley Oreta

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* \"My grandfather had a VW Beetle, which we called \'Pagong\'. It was inherited by my father. Unfortunately, I wasn\'t able to get my hands on it. I\'m also a regular reader of Top Gear magazine. It\'s from reading it that I was able to choose my first car.\" - Allan Tolentino de Castro

* \"My dad (influenced by my grandfather) is head over heels with VWs. My dad has the VW logo inked on his right leg.\" - Djo David

* \"Because my first car was a \'62 split-screen Beetle lowered with a Kadron racing engine and split-rim EMPI wheels. She was strawberry-red like the USB stick, and had a PYO (pick your own) registration plate!\" - Carl Frost

* \"I met my wife who drives one in the same color, too.\" - Ariel Joseph Santos

* \"My dad and I have a \'69 VW Beetle that we have been working on since I was a little kid. I learned how to drive with it, and how to do troubleshooting with it. Up to this day, it is still with us. That car was instrumental in bringing me and my dad closer together. And that\'s why I should get it.\" - Josh Castillo

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* \"Who doesn\'t dream of having a VW Beetle? I\'ve always dreamed of having one, and maybe traveling around the Philippines. But dreams are just dreams until we decide to make them goals. Having this little \'Pendong\' would best remind me of this aspiration, encouraging me every day to do my best in school. So when I finally get the chance (and the resources) to get the real one, I\'d be looking at this TGP giveaway like it\'s a pat on the back, while saying, \'Yes, you made it\'!\" - Criselle Barquilla

* \"My dad owned a 1972 (or 1974) Volkswagen Beetle 1303 LS (the American \"Super Beetle,\" as they called it, and it was limited to around 3-4 cars here in the Philippines, according to my dad). We loved it so much but we had to let it go when recession struck in 2000. Until now, he wants to get it back. Maybe this will be a cute remembrance to him. Please, Top Gear? Thank you!\" - William Fann

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* \"I\'m your No. 1 fan. And it\'s my birthday on October 22.\" - Raymon Hondes Raymundo

We have to admit that we had a hard time picking a winner. Those are heartwarming stories right there. How do you turn down one--let alone most--of them? But we have to choose just one winner, don\'t we? It truly breaks our heart that we\'re giving away just one prize.

And so the winner--the person who we feel should get the Beetle USB stick--posted the following:

\"It\'s a good gift to give to a cancer patient who loves his Beetle so much.\" - Jojo Antonio Solis Jr.

Damn. How do you not pick this, right? We\'re sure the others will agree and understand. When pressed if he was telling the truth, Jojo told us: \"You may PM my girlfriend, sir. She\'s a doctor at Mactan Doctors\' Hospital. Her name is Cindy Sim.\"

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Guys, we award the Volkswagen Beetle USB memory stick to Jojo, so he can give it to a Beetle-loving cancer patient. To those who posted an \"argument,\" thank you. You sure made our week with your sentimental tales of Beetle memories. Until the next contest.

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