BMW to simultaneously launch all-new M3, M4 models

Over 30% more powerful than outgoing edition
Sep 25, 2013


Back when BMW still used the M3 nameplate for the high-performance variants of the 3-Series sedan and coupe, the M3 coupe used to go on sale first followed by the M3 sedan months later. Now that the German carmaker has decided to make the 3-Series coupe into a new nameplate known as the 4-Series, BMW has revealed that the first-generation M4 coupe will be launched simultaneously with the all-new, fifth-generation M3 sedan.

\"Four generations of the BMW M3 have blended motor sport genes and uncompromised everyday usability within an emotionally rich overall concept,\" said BMW M president Friedrich Nitschke. \"The BMW M3 sedan and BMW M4 coupe represent an ongoing commitment to this philosophy.\"

According to BMW, both the M3 and the M4 will share the same straight-six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine that puts out approximately 430hp and over 500Nm of torque, \"outstripping the figures recorded by the outgoing M3 by well over 30%.\"

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Also, with the weight of the cars supposedly falling under 1,500kg, this \"helps to ensure outstanding driving dynamics and exceptional efficiency.\"

Are you excited already for the all-new M3 sedan and the new M4 coupe?

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