Chevrolet PH says Trailblazer now owns 30% of local 4x4 SUV market

Will the 4x2 variant rule its class, too?
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Nov 28, 2013


If you\'ve noticed the growing number of Chevrolet Trailblazers on the road, that\'s because it is proving to be so popular that it apparently now holds 30% of the local 4x4 SUV market.

This was revealed by The Covenant Car Company Inc. marketing manager Mark Parulan to on the eve of the opening of the Bangkok Motor Expo. TCCCI is the official Philippine distributor of the Chevrolet brand.

As for the 4x2 SUV market, Parulan conceded that competing models from two Japanese brands continue to lord it over the segment. However, he believes that the introduction of the more powerful 2.5- and 2.8-liter 4x2 Trailblazer models will soon give Chevrolet a significant foothold in this segment.

\"We\'re hoping that the public\'s reception of the 4x4 Trailblazer will soon be reflected on our 4x2 models, especially now that we\'ve launched it with the more powerful Duramax engines,\" shared Parulan.

So, do you think the 4x2 Trailblazer, in either manual- or automatic-transmission version, can rule its class?

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