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Concept One Atoy wheels

Concept One, one of the most popular alloy-wheel brands in the country, has just introduced its Atoy line of wheels. If you think the name of the new line of wheels was derived from Atoy Llave, owner of Atoy Bodykits, you're right. Both Llave and Concept One proprietor Sam Liuson belong to a tight group of businessmen who are heavily involved in the automotive aftermarket industry.

"Atoy has always catered to a younger segment of the market," explained Liuson. "This line of wheel application--since it is a retro line of wide wheels--is a better fit for the market niche of Atoy. So I asked him if he wouldn't mind having a line of wheels under his brand name. He said that he had been using Concept One for the past decade, so it's just right that he represents a brand of wheels that he can trust."

And because the target market is young, Concept One came up with hip names for the wheels in the Atoy line: Lewis, Kimi, Mika and Sebastian. Prices range from P15,000 a set for the 15-inch wheels, to P35,000 a set for the 18-inch wheels.

Want to check out these alloys? They're available at Wheel Gallery, located at 318 Santolan Road in Greenhills, San Juan.


Concept One Atoy wheels

Concept One Atoy wheels

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