'Enzo: The life of Enzo Pastor' will be released this year

Starring Derek Ramsay
by Jason Tulio | Jan 26, 2017

Filipino motorsport fans will forever remember the exploits of Enzo Pastor. Not just his aggressive and fearless style behind the wheel, but also his efforts at growing the local scene at the grassroots level. Through a new project spearheaded by the Pastor family, Enzo’s story will now be told to a much bigger audience.

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At a private event held on what would have been Enzo’s 35th birthday, the Pastor family announced that a film about the late race car driver will be filmed and released this year. It will be called Enzo: The life of Enzo Pastor. As we wrote in another story nearly two years ago, Derek Ramsay will star in the lead role as Enzo. The film will be directed by Enzo Williams, who created the award-winning flick Bonifiacio: Ang Unang Pangulo.

We spoke with Enzo’s sister Vanessa Pastor-Ledesma about the upcoming film. She shared that the project gives her family something to look forward to and will help them heal. The film’s plot will start from Enzo’s ordeal overcoming cancer at just one year old. From there, it will focus on his life as a race car driver and his accomplishments on and off the track. The story, Vanessa says, will be aspirational, inspirational, and nationalistic.

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As for Enzo’s wife Dalia and her role in his still-unsolved murder, Vanessa said: “Dalia will still come out in the movie since she was the wife of Enzo, but the film will not focus on her, the love triangle, nor the murder. Rather it will focus on Enzo’s life, his passion, his struggles, why he loved Dalia and his contributions to the country…the interesting things that not a lot of people know about.”

The film is scheduled to start shooting in March, with the launch targeted for Enzo’s third death anniversary on June 12. From there, the Pastor family plans to campaign the film internationally for the next three years. For updates, you can check out the movie's Facebook page

The Pastor family also plans to continue Enzo’s vision for Philippine motorsports. They will look to relaunch the Asian V8 Championship, as well as a new Philippine V8 Championship sometime in July or August. The one-time Asian V8 series, organized by Tom Pastor, was Enzo's final appearance on the track before his untimely death. They also plan to improve local racetracks to tap into a wider market, establish a NASCAR ladder program, and create a new motorsports governing body.

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Who’s excited for the film’s release? 

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