GoBear makes choosing car insurance plans as simple as possible

No sign-up, no hard sells
by Drei Laurel | Feb 21, 2017

Being a Top Gear staffer, I am often asked car-related questions as if I'm a walking advice column. One inquiry I've received more than once is "What car insurance is best for me?"

Frankly, this is near-impossible to answer upfront as you need to be familiar with an individual's needs and financial status to come to a conclusion. What's more, there are so many options out there that it's going to take a while before you make a decision.

This is the dilemma GoBear hopes to answer. The metasearch engine has just launched its car insurance service, making choosing plans and personalizing them more hassle-free and convenient than ever. GoBear's easy-to-use interface (both on mobile and desktop) presents car owners with side-by-side comparisons of quotes and benefits depending on the vehicle and needs.

The process is simple: Provide your vehicle information (year, manufacturer, model and variant), intended use (private or for hire), whether or not you're still paying for its loan, and your preferred amount. Once done, simply submit the info and you'll be presented with quotes from a handful of insurance providers suited to your needs. Each one is linked to coverage details and a form so the provider can get in touch with you in case you're interested.

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GoBear Philippines country director Rommel Torres says the mission of the service is to help provide consumers with control and assurance over their financial decisions. "We strengthen our commitment to give the power of choice to Filipinos through the launch of our newest financial service--car insurance comparison," he said. "Users can now get the best auto insurance policy that suits their needs and gives the best value for their money."

The best part? You don't need to sign up and there are no hard sells. Every option available is presented straightforwardly. We played around with the GoBear interface and found that it's as easy to navigate as advertised. You can try it out for yourself at gobear.com/ph.

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