Gretchen Ho explains Petron's new oil technology in a simple way

The new Petron HTP is the brainchild of Ramon Ang
by Aris Ilagan | Oct 4, 2018
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

The motoring media is usually bombarded with scientific terminologies that leave us dazed and confused during launch events of engine-oil products. Words like molecules, viscosity, oxidation, and thermal stability are technical terms that force us to seek the help of Google. And don't forget the huge, color-coded graphs with lines going up and down that we often associate with the results of our annual physical tests.

During the formal launch of the new Petron High Temperature Protection (HTP) held at the Makati Diamond Residences, executives and engineers of Petron Corporation took turns explaining the advantages of their new engine oil formula that was specially made for diesel- and gasoline-fed vehicles often entangled in local traffic congestion. Although the product presentation was executed in a systematic and professional way, it seemed one hour wasn't just enough to refresh our chemistry and physics knowledge.

Volleyball sensation and event host Gretchen Ho came to the rescue. Being a Toyota Vios Cup driver herself, Gretchen is now interested in engine performance. She had asked Petron engineers about three main advantages of using the new HPT engine oil.

Here's her take on the new Petron HTP product.

  •  "This would mean longer change oil time. So, nakakatipid ka. Malaking bagay yun sa akin kasi mahal ang engine oil."
  • "Added protection for the engine kasi yung oil hindi na siya kasing kapal. There's extra lubrication for your engine."
  • "Third, it is perfect for the stop-and-go activities of our cars here in Metro Manila traffic. The engine condition is more stable at high temperature."

Petron HTP was designed to protect the engine oil from overheating by not losing its thickness. This also prevents the car driver from having high blood pressure. Petron HTP comes in six types: Blaze Racing (fully-synthetic gasoline engine oil); Rev-X Turbo (fully-synthetic diesel engine oil); GHTP Gear Oil (fully-synthetic gear oil); Petron Brake fluid HTP DOT-4; and Petron Grease HTP.

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By the way, this revolutionary engine oil is the brainchild of Ramon Ang, chief executive officer of Petron Corporation. Being a long-time car enthusiast, Don Ramon knows the beating a car's engine gets as a result of the horrendous, daily traffic. Two years ago, he instructed Petron engineers to formulate a special oil that would protect car engines from premature wear and tear. The R&D department of Petron wasted no time in cooking up an engine oil to suit local driving conditions.

Again, we emphasize that this product was formulated in a Petron laboratory here in the country, so it's 100% Philippine-made. Actually, the Petron HTP products have been on the market for almost one year. Petron management says this is the perfect time to formally launch the HTP engine oil as they anticipate carmaggedon with the worsening traffic, not only in Metro Manila, but also in other urban centers in the country.

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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