GT Radial PH launches Maxmiler Pro tire, says it has better mileage

Now available at local dealers
Aug 30, 2014 Philippine Car News - GT Radial PH launches Maxmiler Pro tires

GT Radial Philippines has launched its Maxmiler Pro tire, which the distributor touts as a "top-class commercial tire."

The successor of the Maxmiler CX, the Maxmiler Pro supposedly optimizes rolling resistance by having a flat contour design "to ensure less tire deformation during rotation under heavy payload," resulting in lower fuel consumption.

The Maxmiler Pro's circumferential rib is designed with lateral sipes, which provide excellent grip on both wet and dry road surfaces, lower noise level, and less abrasion for improved mileage. The tire also has large shoulder blocks with integrated sipes for improved cornering stability, stronger grip, and enhanced braking capacity. Its wide circumferential grooves disperse water effectively and reduce aquaplaning for better handling on wet surfaces.

An innovative feature of the Maxmiler Pro is its rubber bead cushion, which is inserted in the tire's bead area and supposedly makes it more robust and durable, enhancing the tire’s value for its users.

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"This tire means business for private and commercial vans, Asian utility vehicles, and MPVs," said GT Radial Philippines chief operating officer Mark Alvin Dy. "It gives you better mileage and safety for your passengers and precious cargo. It delivers professional performance and maximum value for money."

The Maxmiler Pro is now available at all GT Radial dealers with prices ranging from just over P2,000 for a 12-inch tire, to around P6,000 for a 16-inch one.

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