HARI Foundation donates Hyundai H-100 van to healthcare school

Capable of being deployed as a mobile clinic
Jan 20, 2014


HARI Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., has strengthened its advocacy to bring quality healthcare to Filipinos by donating a Hyundai H-100 van to the Philippine College of Hospital Administrators.

The H-100, in case you\'re unfamiliar with the model, is a multipurpose vehicle with a cargo deck that can accommodate 10 or more passengers. It can also be configured into an ambulance or a mobile clinic for deployment in medical missions to far-flung areas around the country.

\"Hyundai and HARI Foundation believe in the culture of caring, just as PCHA does,\" said HFI (and HARI) president Maria Fe Perez Agudo. \"We are more than just a company that simply offers mobility solutions. We are a company that cares to touch and save lives. This is our way of fulfilling our mission to become a lifetime partner of Filipinos in motoring and beyond. HARI Foundation and PCHA hope that the van will drive further our shared advocacy to build a better and healthier tomorrow for the people we reach out to.\"

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