Hot Wheels releases documentary of Double Loop Dare stunt

Done just over a year ago
Aug 8, 2013


A year ago, Team Hot Wheels successfully completed a life-size stunt of its Double Loop Dare toy track set at the 2012 X Games. Recently, the popular die-cast toy manufacturer has released a four-minute-long behind-the-scenes documentary of the stunt.

According to the video, the stunt came about simply to prove that it was actually possible. Before the stunt was first tried out with actual human drivers, Hot Wheels first used a stripped-out and remote-controlled Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback.

Once Team Hot Wheels had gathered all the data it could from the physics involved and the remote-controlled car--and after drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy had undergone aerobatics training for the G-forces they\'d be subjected to in the stunt--that was the only time both drivers were allowed to get into the actual cars and drive it up the steel loop. As an extra precaution, a large net was suspended just underneath the loop\'s apex to catch the car in case it fell.

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What stunt do you think Hot Wheels will try next?


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