Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Is GM already giving the Colorado a makeover?

At an automotive forum held in the US recently, General Motors executive vice president and chief financial officer Dan Ammann gave his audience a glimpse of two next-generation vehicles the company will produce in the country in 2014: the GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado.

Though the predecessor of both models--which share the same platform, incidentally--ceased to be produced in 2012, GM will once again revive the two nameplates and produce them once more at its Wentzville assembly center in Missouri.

Ammann described the two vehicles as "capable, versatile and fuel-efficient alternatives to full-size pickups." In the teaser image he provided to his audience, it's clear that the US-market Colorado's front end mimics that of its full-size Silverado sibling with its chromed grille.

What would you rather have: the current look of the Colorado with its body-colored snout, or the more macho-looking US version with its shiny front fascia?

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