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The government's Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) has just gotten a big boost, thanks to Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC).

At a formal ceremony held in front of the Senate building, the Japanese carmaker turned over 15 'modernized' jeepneys to be used for the program. The event was attended by key members of the Senate and transportation bodies.

The PUVs are built on Isuzu's QKR77 platform, while the rear body was designed and manufactured by Almazora Motors Corporation. They're equipped with air-conditioning and have side-facing seats, plus a Euro 4-compliant engine. Amenities include LED TV monitors for entertainment and real-time information, plus CCTVs, dashcams, and automatic fare collection. 

"The formal turnover today at the honorable institution of the Senate of the Philippines, only means that we are starting the PUVMP program not just in the right foot, but in the best way possible, as our modernized jeepneys will provide safe, convenient, reliable and comfortable transport services to the people who render public service on their part," said IPC president Hajime Koso.

Are you looking forward to riding in these new PUVs? 

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