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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Carisma redefines SUV as 'Superior Utility Vehicle'

In June, Carisma Auto Design showed off its aftermarket capability in turning the utility-oriented Land Rover Defender into a luxurious SUV. Now, Carisma has turned its attention to the Cadillac Escalade.

Custom-built to its client's specification, the Carisma reworked the Escalade's interior, fitting it with medium tan Connolly leather with real wood-veneer inserts, two forward-facing full-size armchairs equipped with electronic tilt and lumbar-support controls, a drinks cabinet with crystal glassware, a refrigerator, dimmable mood lighting, and a complete high-definition audio and video system that utilizes Windows 8.

In addition, while the vehicle may seem like a standard Escalade outside, it has supposedly been fitted with B4-level armor, which means it can withstand .357 and .44 Magnum handguns and pistols.

According to Carisma, from start to finish, the conversion required 75sqm of leather, 1km of wiring, 600 electrical connections, and 700 hours of labor.

"This has been our biggest project to date and is a great example of the range of elements we can offer in a conversion--from state-of-the-art technology to the finest handcrafted wood and leather," said Carisma Auto Design sales director Clive Drake. "No two Carisma vehicles are the same, and they are limited only by the customer's imagination."


Carisma Escalade

Carisma Escalade

Carisma Escalade

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