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Mercedes-Benz confirms three AMG models for Gran Turismo 6

Led by the SLS AMG GT3


The sixth installment of the Gran Turismo video-game franchise is still months away from going on sale, but that hasn\'t stopped Mercedes-Benz from confirming that three high-performance AMG models will appear in the game.

According to the German carmaker, these are the SLS AMG GT3 with more than 500hp, the E63 AMG with 550hp, and the A45 AMG with 355hp. Besides the three AMG-tuned cars, no fewer than 21 Mercedes-Benz vehicles that appeared in Gran Turismo 5 will also appear in the latest iteration of the driving-simulation game.

\"Together with Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital, we are delighted with the unique success that Gran Turismo has enjoyed over the last 15 years,\" said Mercedes-Benz brand communications boss Anders Sundt Jensen. \"We are particularly proud that three of the latest models from our high-performance AMG brand are all celebrating their digital premiere in the latest version of the legendary game series. Mercedes-Benz and Gran Turismo have a number of things in common. Above all, they share the same vision: to provide their customers--whether in real life or in the virtual world--with the ultimate in driving pleasure.\"

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