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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - MIAS 2014: Bridgestone to exhibit its Ecopia line of fuel-efficient tires

It is said that the limit has already been reached in making internal-combustion engines as fuel-efficient as possible. Thus, the focus on getting those extra miles now comes down to the tires you use. For a major tire company like Bridgestone, its Ecopia line of tires is the answer.

Bridgestone's Ecopia tires can supposedly run an extra 3km/L over conventional tires as validated by a fuel economy run supervised by Automobile Association Philippines. This is made possible by the low rolling-resistance technology used to create the Ecopia tires, allowing you to run your car for longer distances with each drop of fuel. The Ecopia tire is also reportedly equipped with the NanoPro-Tech compound that limits energy loss, improving your fuel economy even further.

You can check out the Ecopia tires, along with Bridgestone's other tire models, at the 2014 Manila International Auto Show this weekend, from April 3 to 6 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

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