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Michelin PH brings in third-gen Primacy 3 ST tire

To set new benchmark in safety, silence and comfort


Michelin Philippines has brought into the country its latest tire which it claims will set new benchmarks \"in motoring safety, silence and comfort.\" The tire is the new Michelin Primacy 3 ST.

Designed and developed exclusively for the Asia-Pacific region\'s extreme road and weather conditions, the Primacy 3 ST supposedly meets the specific demands of drivers.

Michelin\'s Stabiligrip and FlexMax technologies, for example, ensure a braking distance on wet roads that\'s 2.9m shorter than that of other brands. In addition, tire longevity is extended by 25% compared to the previous-generation Primacy tires.

The Primacy 3 ST also makes use of Michelin\'s proprietary EvenPeak technology, which gives the tire a unique pattern with larger-sized tread blocks, spreading noise across a frequency range and making it less sensitive to human hearing.

The new tire also features Michelin\'s CushionGuard technology, which combines flexible tread compounds, shock absorbent sidewalls, and noise-filtering rubber to cushion vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces.


\"Michelin\'s ability to bring several key performance factors together in one tire--and then improve each one of them--makes a real difference for motorists,\" said Michelin Philippines chief representative Michael Nunag. \"To have the most comfortable and quietest ride, together with maximum safety, offers a real step-up for our motorists.\"

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