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Hyundai Tucson Zombie Survival Machine by Atoy Customs

So, Hyundai has wrapped up its art contest in the US in which the Korean carmaker challenged fans to come up with the meanest-looking zombie survival machine, a promotional thing for the TV series The Walking Dead. Hyundai will reportedly unveil the winning entry--a creation of Anson Kuo based on the Santa Fe--at the New York Comic-Con tomorrow, October 10.

Obviously, most of us won't be able to see it in the metal. But don't worry, Atoy Customs is making its own version of the ultimate zombie survival machine based on the Tucson. Here are a couple of sketches we acquired from a very resourceful, um, source. We will bring you the exclusive photos once the whole thing is done and polished. Perhaps Atoy is preparing for a big Halloween party.

What do you think of this zombie survival machine? Is it mean enough to fend off the undead?


Hyundai Tucson Zombie Survival Machine by Atoy Customs

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