Nissan pits 370Z Nismo against wingsuit-equipped base jumper

Guess which one wins
Oct 2, 2013


Nissan has unveiled the first of a series of short films showcasing Nissan Motorsport\'s \"cutting-edge technology and spirit of excitement\" behind its road cars and drivers.

The video pits a 370Z Nismo driven by Germany\'s 2012 Nissan GT Academy champion Peter Pyzera against renowned base jumper Dave Barlia equipped with just a wingsuit and a parachute.

Set at the Susten Pass in Switzerland, the challenge sees Barlia descending 4,501ft at speeds of more than 210kph, while Pyzera in the 370Z Nismo negotiates a switchback road in a bid to beat Barlia to the finish line. At one point of the challenge, both Pyzera and Barlia pass one another.

According to Nissan, the film showcases the advanced technology used by its athletes during the driver development program at the state-of-the-art Nismo Lab.

\"That was absolutely amazing,\" Pyzera said after the challenge. \"I could see Dave up above me and I just had to concentrate and get in the zone to beat him. We looked at the data we gathered from wearing the biometric harnesses, which monitor my biometric data, and I could see when I was totally focused. While this is fun, it is serious business--it not only improves my performance but is invaluable in helping me prepare for my next race.\"

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