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Patchy roads suck, plain and simple. And it turns out they're not just bad for us and our cars, but for our food, too. 

The Guardian reports that Domino's Pizza has taken matters into its own hands, at least in the US. The pizza chain has partnered with the local administrations in four towns to help with their road repairs. We're guessing the branded trucks and asphalt were part of the agreement. And they're doing it (apparently) because of the damage that road dimples can do to your pizza. But of course. 

The report also explains that this is part of a publicity campaign created by the ad agency CB + P. But regardless of whether or not this was done to meet the marketing department's KPIs, we're in favor of anything that results in smoother roads. 

In fact, maybe the fast food giants in the Philippines can do this for our roads. There are certainly enough potholes to go around. In fact, we can think of some massive ones near our office, located right in front of a certain red and white restaurant that serves delicious, jolly fried chicken. We don't mind driving over some level, bee-painted asphalt. Hint, hint. 

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