So, the Chevrolet Chevelle owner is a good and gorgeous Samaritan

Find out who she is
by Vernon B. Sarne | Nov 11, 2013


We reported earlier that a \"Good Samaritan\" was auctioning off a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle for the benefit of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. In the article, writer Patrick Tadeo didn\'t reveal who the car\'s kindhearted owner is because his source wouldn\'t give away the identity just yet--other than the fact that the Chevelle owner is a girl, is \"rather cute\" and is \"somewhat connected to ABS-CBN.\"

After we posted the story, we received more clues from friends who read it.

One friend, in particular, said: \"She has graced the cover of just about every single beauty, fashion and men\'s magazine locally. But I really can\'t say who she is. I\'ve been sworn to secrecy. Let\'s just say the owner is a long-time top placer on FHM\'s \'100 Sexiest\' list.\" fan...magazine cover girl...FHM favorite... There\'s only one name that comes to mind: Angel Locsin.

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And so we googled \"Angel Locsin\" and \"Chevrolet Chevelle\" together. The resulting search led us to a photo tweet as well as to a post on the actress\'s official Facebook fan page. Seeing these left us no doubt as to the identity of the altruistic Chevelle owner.

As for Angel Locsin? God bless her kindness. We used to adore her for her smile, but now--if the auction of the Chevelle pushes through for the Yolanda victims--we\'re swooning fans for life. And if she gets to read this, we hope she realizes that motoring journalists are just as cute as football players. Just saying.



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