#ChangeOil: Check out the new line of Suzuki Ecstar genuine oils

Available for cars, motorcycles, and even watercrafts
by TopGear.com.ph | Mar 23, 2021
PHOTO: Suzuki

Any Suzuki owners out there? If your Suzuki—be it a car, a motorcycle, or heck, a marine vehicle—is up for a ‘change oil,’ then you might want to check out the new Ecstar line of genuine lubricants.

This is the Japanese carmaker’s newest offering, and Suzuki Philippines has just officially launched this in our market. The company’s spare parts department head Nonito Dayandante shared during the official product launch that the Ecstar name has been around since the 1980s.

“As the expectations towards our products evolve, the same attention to performance is required for durability and environmental protection,” said Dayandante. “With the high technology cultivated through its long history and dedicated engineering, Suzuki has precisely reformulated Ecstar to satisfy and exceed these requirements.

As mentioned earlier, there are Ecstar oils for cars, motorcycles, and amphibious vehicles. These oils promise better engine protection and performance as well as improved fuel efficiency for Suzuki vehicles. Fully-synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral grade oils, as well as products of varying viscosities, are available.

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For the full Ecstar oils price list, read on below:


  • Ecstar Fully Synthetic 0W20 Engine Oil - P570 per one-liter bottle


  • Ecstar Fully Synthetic R9000 10W-40 4T MA2 Engine Oil (for big bikes, back bones, underbones - P550 per one-liter bottle
  • Ecstar Mineral 4T R5000 10W-40MA Engine Oil - P190 per one-liter bottle
  • Ecstar Mineral 4T R5000 10W-40MB Engine Oil (for scooters only) - P230 per one-liter bottle
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  • Ecstar 10W-30 Mineral Oil (for four-stroke outboard motors) - P395 per one-liter bottle

“We at Suzuki Philippines, Inc. are continuously moving forward with means to provide a better experience to all Suzuki owners,” added Dayandante. “It is with great pride that we officially launch Ecstar genuine oils for motorcycles, outboard marines, and automobiles.”

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PHOTO: Suzuki
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