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Volvo marks 1M sales milestone with auto brake system

Helping make roads safer


Volvo Cars has reached a milestone recently by passing the one-million sales mark for its vehicles that are equipped with its pioneering auto brake system.

According to the Swedish carmaker, its auto brake technology includes several world-firsts: City Safety, which is standard on all models (except the XC90) and works at speeds of up to 50kph; collision warning, with full auto brake; and pedestrian and cyclist detection, also with full auto brake.

\"Several recent reports state that our groundbreaking auto braking technologies help reduce the risk of being involved in a rear-end accident by more than 20%,\" said Volvo Cars senior safety advisor Thomas Broberg. \"One million Volvos with auto brake on the roads take us toward our aim that nobody should be killed or suffer serious injuries in a new Volvo car by the year 2020.\"

Future Volvos will reportedly feature further improvements to its existing safety systems as well as new solutions. In addition, Volvo\'s continuing research on its auto brake technology includes making the system more efficient while driving at night.


\"With smart interaction and new advanced solutions, we will continue to contribute to further helping avoid collisions from occurring,\" Broberg added. \"Moreover, in our most recent car models, we have reduced moderate to severe injuries by two-thirds compared with the rate for the older car models. And we are working continuously on new solutions that will bring the figure down even further.\"

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