Is Honda Cars PH bringing in the Accord Crosstour?

A reader snaps photos in Tagaytay
by Vernon B. Sarne | Aug 21, 2012

Honda Accord Crosstour

We got an e-mail from reader Aeron Gerich Co, and he said: "I spotted a Honda Accord Crosstour earlier this morning at Tagaytay Highlands."

The photos you see here are the ones sent by Aeron.

We normally would shrug off photos like these since we know that gray-market vendors sell imported cars all the time. But then, the location of the photos intrigued us. Tagaytay Highlands is quite near to Honda Cars Philippines' headquarters in Santa Rosa, Laguna, and it is a place often used by Santa Rosa-based car companies for photo shoots or test drives.

We also remembered that the Crosstour is a US-market model, and that two other US-market Honda vehicles have already been launched this year: the Pilot and the Odyssey. Add to this the fact that we received information that the Insight and the CR-Z which Honda displayed at last weekend's 4th Philippine International Motor Show had been sitting for months in Honda's Santa Rosa facility, and we were all the more encouraged to think that the Japanese automaker could have another ace up its sleeve.

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So we sent an SMS to HCPI public relations boss Mitch Malto to set the record straight: "Are you launching the Accord Crosstour?"

Her mystifying reply: "Let me check."

We say "mystifying" because we find it difficult to believe that a key company executive couldn't give a direct (or even indirect) answer to a simple question.

Then again, maybe the car pictured here doesn't even belong to Honda to begin with. What do you think?

UPDATE: Mitch sent us another SMS, saying, "I asked our product planners. They have no info yet regarding the Accord Crosstour for the Philippines. As soon as we hear anything, we will let you know."


Honda Accord Crosstour

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