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We're not ashamed to admit we like Justin Bieber--not least because he reminds us of what we wanted to be when we were his age. Which is basically something that triggers spontaneous shrieks among girls. We did trigger girly shrieks, but they were mostly borne out of repulsion.

Anyway, the Biebs has given us another reason to adore him. He has partnered with PhoneGuard--a provider of mobile applications software--to stop the evil of texting while driving. The company's main product is called "Drive Safe," which is an anti-texting-while-driving software application suite that "allows for the global positioning satellite tracking of the mobile device in order to calculate the rate of speed of travel. Above certain predetermined speeds, the Drive Safe software will lock the keyboard and prevent the user from e-mailing, surfing the web or texting."

One of the main features of Drive Safe is the automatic sending of replies to all text messages that reach your mobile phone while you're behind the wheel. The app alerts whomever sends you a text message, saying you're currently busy and that you will return their message as soon as you are able to.

Too bad the app is only available in the US and Canada (and only for Android and BlackBerry phones). Just the same, there are three words that Justin wants you to keep in mind if you're ever tempted to use your phone while driving: "Let them wait." This is important, especially since statistics apparently have shown that texting while driving is six times more likely to result in a road accident than driving under the influence of alcohol.

Watch the video. Just try not to shriek, please.


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