Mazda updates MX-5 roadster

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Jul 12, 2012
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In production since 2005, the MX-5 has been given another update by Mazda following the last one it received in 2009, enhancing its safety and driving attributes while improving its exterior and interior looks.

The upgraded MX-5 has a new front bumper design, giving it a more aggressive fascia while contributing to its aerodynamic performance. Inside, the car sports a panel decor with matching steering-wheel spokes to give it a more refined ambience.

Known as a driver's car for its handling capabilities, the MX-5's responsiveness to driver input has been enhanced as its throttle pedal actuation and the degree to which the accelerator is pushed, are now controlled separately. According to the Japanese carmaker, this increases the feeling of linear acceleration and gives the driver even more control when accelerating from lower speeds.

Complementing this is the revised vacuum brake-booster, which optimizes brake return control, which, in turn, is especially beneficial when the driver brakes upon entering a curve. The new acceleration control then kicks in when the driver backs off the brakes and steps on the accelerator again.

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Combined, these two new upgrades enforce the car's Jinba Ittai or "one-with-the-car" driving experience, making the upgraded MX-5 even more fun to drive on a daily basis, according to Mazda.

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To go with the performance and handling upgrades, Mazda also improved the MX-5's safety features, like the new 'active bonnet' pedestrian protection system that automatically raises the hood if it senses impact with a pedestrian, and the new front bumper design that enhances pedestrian leg protection.

The upgraded MX-5 will go on sale later this year. We have yet to get word from Mazda Philippines if the company will accept orders for this car.

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