McLaren F1 marks 20th anniversary

"Proudest achievement" for the carmaker
May 28, 2010

TopGear.com.ph Car News - McLaren F1's 20th Anniversary 

The McLaren F1--the benchmark in supercar capabilities and technologies--continue to be an attention-getter as it marks its 20th anniversary today.

The McLaren F1 supercar is the first production car to use a full carbon fiber monocoque. It remains to be the fastest normally aspirated production car to date.

"The F1 is a technological tour-de-force and a real triumph in terms of packaging and design. Whether endurance racing or on road, it is supremely fast, agile and yet comfortable," said McLaren Automotive executive chairman Ron Dennis. "Its styling is enduring and will never fade. I enjoy driving mine more today than ever before because I find its technical purity highly satisfying; the F1 remains one of McLaren's proudest achievements."

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The McLaren F1's contribution to motorsports is also legendary as, after a racing version of the road car was designed and developed in just three short months, it not only won the FIA's GT1 series in its debut season in 1995 but also dominated the 24 Hours of Leman the same year as the cars finished in first, third, fourth, fifth and 13th places. Its success placed McLaren in a unique position in motorsports history as the only carmaker to win the F1 World Championship, the Indianapolis 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

During its four-year production run, McLaren produced 64 F1, 5 F1 LM and 3 F1 GT road cars along with 28 F1 GTR race cars and six prototypes.

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