Members of British Royal Family get hefty discount from Audi - report

Can you guess how much?
May 2, 2011

There was once a time that the British Royal Family had nothing but Bentleys and Rolls-Royces in their garage. Nowadays, it seems Audi is the preferred choice and that's reportedly because the German carmaker is offering them discounts of as much as 60 percent off car purchases.

According to, this kind of arrangement that's not available to ordinary motorists is the reason why the Royal Family has favored Audi over other manufacturers for the past decade.

Prince Charles alone reportedly owns a few Audis, "including an A8 limousine that cost £92,500 (P6.56M at £1:P70.892) and a pair of Allroad estate for personal use by himself and the Duchess of Cornwall," as well as two A4s for his personal staff.

As for Prince Charles' sons, Prince William is said to drive an S4 while Prince harry cruises around in a diesel A3. Even Prince William's new bride, Kate Middleton, also reportedly benefited from the Royal Family's ties with Audi as she currently drives an A3 as well.

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The report even goes so far as to say that the Royal Family’s closeness with the German carmaker is the reason why Audi public relations chief Jon Zamett was invited to attend the recently concluded "royal wedding of the century."

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It certainly is good to be the King, or a Prince at least. Check out the photos below for samples of what royalties drive.


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