Mercedes-AMG celebrates YouTube milestone with a video

You have to see it to believe it
May 2, 2012

Mercedes-AMG's YouTube videos recently reached the two-million-view mark, and to mark the occasion, the high-performance arm of the German carmaker posted a video--naturally--of what could only be described as something that has to be seen to be believed.

The video features a C63 AMG Coupe on the popular Laguna Seca Raceway where it does the unbelievable: The 451hp coupe is drifted through its famous 'Corkscrew' turn.

We'll give you a couple of seconds to process that in your mind. Done?  That's right: A C63 AMG Coupe is purposely slid down through the infamous blind crest and sweeping downhill turn sideways.

From our own (Gran Turismo-derived) experience, the Corkscrew is a notoriously challenging turn to tackle even in a straight line, so to see a C63 AMG Coupe make short work of it while drifting, makes us want to give the driver a pat on the back.

Watch the video!


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