MMDA cites top road mishaps

One can't stress it enough - speed freaks have no business flooring down the accelator and putting passengers, pedestrians and other motorists at risk.

Data from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) showed that human error was the leading cause of accidents in 2008.

According to the MMDA's Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System, 7,252 reported accidents in the metropolis were caused by driving too fast and too close to the next vehicle.

This caused 39 deaths, 2,085 non-fatal injuries, and 5,128 damages to property.

The second leading cause of accidents in the metro is due to being inattentive while driving too fast.

This resulted in a total of 3,820 reports which involves 19 deaths, 384 non-fatal injuries, and 3,417 damages.

Bad overtaking was also a major cause of accidents in Metro Manila. While no death was reported for bad overtaking, it registered 83 non-fatal injuries and 3,596 damages.

"Road safety is a global concern, and the task to lessen the number of traffic accidents is a high objective but possible with the cooperation and support of the public," the MMDA said.

The agency said it has been implementing solutions such as the establishment of foot bridges and clearing of sidewalks to provide safer pedestrian space.
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