MMDA junks odd-even scheme

Gets go-signal for number-coding scheme for buses
Oct 17, 2010 Philippine Car News - MMDA junks odd-even scheme

The Metro Manila Council (MMC) has junked the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) proposal to implement the odd-even scheme on EDSA.

The council composed of mayors from cities and towns in the metropolis instead approved the implementation of the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), popularly known as the number-coding scheme, on public utility buses by mid-November on an experimental basis.

The widely opposed odd-even scheme is part of a package of proposals the MMDA presented to the MMC based on the studies conducted by the University of the Philippines National Center for Transportation Studies and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. According to these studies, the private vehicle lanes on EDSA have already breached its maximum capacity despite the current number coding scheme and that the metro’s main thoroughfare can only accommodate up to 1,600 buses. Based on the MMDA’s data, however, 3,800 city franchised buses currently ply EDSA.

Based on these studies’ findings, the MMC has decided to explore other innovative measures aimed at reducing the traffic problem, like including the public buses in the number-coding scheme.

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“The Metro Manila Council always upholds the welfare of our citizens and other stakeholders by formulating people-centered urban development plans for the betterment of Metro Manila,” MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino said. “We will continue to enhance traffic enforcement, and we ask for the public’s cooperation in the days ahead by observing road discipline and courtesy.”

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Tolentino also pledged that his agency will utilize all its available resources to find creative ways to solve the metro’s traffic woes.

Online, a Facebook  page called “We Say No to Edsa Odd-Even Scheme at Edsa or Wherever” already counts over 1,000 members just 48 hours after it was created, with most of the comments directed at undisciplined bus drivers. On Twitter, posts from numerous news sources were re-tweeted by the social network’s users when it was announced that the MMDA will not push through with the odd-even scheme.

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