MMDA reclassifies cement mixers as dangerous vehicles

Files circular requiring safety signs
Apr 30, 2013


Following an accident at the corner of Araneta and Del Monte Avenues last week--which killed a college student after a speeding cement mixer truck collided with a jeep, fell on its side and pinned her--the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has reclassified this type of vehicle from ordinary truck to dangerous vehicle.

\"Cement trucks create serious risks for motorists and pedestrians, far more severe than the other smaller vehicles on the road,\" said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino. \"Cement truck drivers are usually in a hurry to reach the construction sites when they are carrying wet cement, and this raises the risks they pose on other road users.\"

Besides reclassifying cement trucks and cement mixers as dangerous vehicles, the MMDA has also issued a circular requiring owners, operators and drivers of this type of vehicles to put visible signs on their trucks that say \"Loaded With Cement - Keep Distance.\"

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Based on the circular, these signs should be permanent and visible, should not be less than 30cm in height, and must be prominent at the back and both sides of the truck. Violators of the regulation will reportedly be fined P500 \"without prejudice to the imposition of other penalties for other traffic violations.\"

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According to the agency, it has recorded at least 1,512 vehicular accidents involving heavy equipment for the first quarter of 2013, which injured 268 persons and killed 12, seven of which were pedestrians.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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