MMDA to push through with roof-tagging scheme on PUVs

Making good use of the agency's 68 CCTV cameras
Apr 6, 2011 Philippine Car News - MMDA to push through with roof-tagging scheme on PUVs

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has finalized plans to tag the roof of all public utility vehicles (PUVs). The program will start within the next three months.

According to the MMDA's Memorandum Circular Number 05, which contains the guidelines on the program's implementation, PUV operators must paint their public vehicle's license plate numbers on the roof, front, back and two sides of the PUVs using a color scheme for easy classification. The color scheme follows:

- Yellow for city buses plying EDSA;
- Orange for city buses not plying EDSA;
- Red for provincial buses plying EDSA;
- Violet for provincial buses not plying EDSA;
- Brown for public utility jeepneys;
- Blue for metered taxis;
- Green for non-metered / garage taxis / AUV taxis;
- Gray or Silver for school buses;
- Pink for tourist or shuttle buses; and
- Gold for cargo trucks.

The agency is also advising PUV owners and operators to paint the tag or mark horizontally on the front portion of the vehicle, with the tag measuring 900mm x 1,200mm for public utility buses, school buses, tourist buses and trucks. For jeepneys and taxis that are either of the AUV-, van- or car-type, the tag should measure 400mm x 900mm.

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Also, the license plate number of the PUVs should be painted over the color template using black paint except for provincial buses which should use white paint.

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"With the implementation of the roof tagging scheme, it will be easier for us to spot traffic violators through our closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras," said MMDA chief Francis Tolentino. "We will be very strict with the enforcement of this resolution. Any PUV spotted by our CCTVs violating the scheme shall be considered as operating out-of-line or colorum and shall be meted out appropriate sanctions including the recommendation for cancellation or suspension of franchise to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board."

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