MMDA: Araneta-Aurora intersection closure to affect 18,000 motorists a day

Avoid the area at night
by Drei Laurel | Aug 13, 2019
PHOTO: Google Maps

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has just announced that the Araneta-Aurora intersection will be closed at night beginning on August 15, 2019. That's on Thursday this week.

According to the traffic agency, the closure will be from 11pm to 5am in the morning, and will last for one week. This is to make way for the launching of the Skyway Stage 3’s girder. The MMDA added that it expects between 17,000 to 18,000 motorists to be affected by the closure daily.

Below are the alternate routes the MMDA is advising motorists to take:

Light vehicles:

  1. From Shaw Boulevard/V. MapaTake a straight toward Magsaysay Boulevard then Santol Street. Right at Palanza, Landargun or Bayani Road, left at G. Araneta Avenue to destination and vice versa.
  2. Vehicles from Cubao toward the Manila area along Aurora BoulevardMake a right at Guirayan Street, left at Palanza, left at Tomas Arguelles Street or Santol Street to Magsaysay Boulevard to destination.
  3. Vehicles coming from N. Domingo Street and BlumentrittTake F. Roman, H. Lozada Street and J. Ruiz Street.
  4. Vehicles coming from North along C-3 Sgt. RiveraMake a right at Bayani Road, Ladargun, and Palanza Street, left at Santol Street, left at Magsaysay Boulevard and take V. Mapa, Old Santa Mesa to destination.
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  1. From Quezon Avenue, E. Rodriguez AvenueStraight towards España Boulevard, left at Lacson Avenue, straight towards Nagtahan to destination and vice versa.
  2. Take Magsaysay Boulevard, make a right at V. Mapa to Shaw Boulevard to destination and vice versa.

Again, the closure is expected to affect 17,000 to 18,000 motorists per day. If you’re a regular of the Araneta-Aurora intersection, you’d best steer clear of the area until it’s opened next week.

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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