Take note of these toll-rate changes for Cavitex and C5 Link Flyover

If you use these expressways, be advised
by Leandre Grecia | Oct 15, 2019
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

Do you regularly use Cavitex or the newly opened Cavitex-C5 Link Flyover? If so, then be advised: There are imminent changes to the toll collection for both expressways.

According to the Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) has recently approved a toll-rate hike for Cavitex and the start of collection of toll fees for the C5 Link Flyover.

Currently, Cavitex charges P24 for Class 1 vehicles, P48 for Class 2 vehicles, and P72 for class 3 vehicles. Once the changes take effect, the fees will be as follows for the whole 7km stretch:

New Cavitex toll fees (effective from October 24, 2019):

  1. Class 1 vehicles – P25
  2. Class 2 vehicles – P50
  3. Class 3 vehicles – P75

“Cavitex has heavily invested to improve and enhance the services to its motorists, so this is a very important development for us, to be able to keep on delivering our promise of a high-quality and safe expressway,” says CIC president Bobby Bontia.

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Meanwhile, motorists using the Cavitex-C5 Link Expressway will soon be charged ‘provisional initial toll’ as approved by the TRB. The fees are as follows:

Cavitex-C5 Link Expressway provisional initial toll fees (effective from October 24, 2019):

  1. Class 1 vehicles – P22
  2. Class 2 vehicles – P44
  3. Class 3 vehicles – P66
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“TRB’s approval to collect toll is a welcome development; this will help us in the operations and maintenance of the 2.2km now being used by motorists,” adds Bontia. “CIC shall continue to work on the next 5.5km of the Cavitex-C5 Link starting this November. A better and more efficient road network awaits motorists and residents of neighboring cities when the full 7.7km C5 Link Expressway is completed.”

The Cavitex-C5 Link has reached its target of servicing 8,000 vehicles daily since the tollway was made accessible to the public in July. Once the entire C5 South Link Project is completed, around 50,000 vehicles are expected to use the entire expressway daily. Also, CIC continues to carry out the enhancement project along Cavitex, which is expected to be completed by this May 2020.

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Are these new toll rates suitable to motorists? Tell us what you think.

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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