Will the Congress-approved 4-day workweek ease traffic?

The bill has just passed its third reading
by Jason Tulio | Sep 3, 2018

Our work weeks may soon get shorter, but will it help ease traffic? 

A report by CNN Philippines reveals that the House of Representatives has just approved on the third and final reading House Bill 6152, which allows employees to have a four-day workweek. Under this, employees would have up to three days off but must work up to 12 hours per day. Under the Labor Code, employees are required to work 40 to 48 hours per week. According to the bill, workers would receive overtime pay if they work beyond 48 hours. 

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"These arrangements give employers and employees flexibility in fixing hours of work compatible with business requirements and the employees' need for a balanced work-life," said Baguio City representative Mark Go, one of the bill's authors. 

So, less days in the office and longer weekends? Count us in please. It also gives us an excuse to go on more road trips and tell our bosses we're on official TGP business. But perks aside, the bigger question is whether a compressed work week would help ease traffic, especially in major business areas.

On the one hand, we'd get weekend-levels of traffic three days a week, which is generally a good thing (there are exceptions, of course). But on the other hand, rush hours might extend past the usual times due to people spending staying longer in the office.

What do you guys reckon? Is this bill a good or bad thing for our traffic situation? Sound off below.

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