The DOTr, LTO finally release guidelines for 4x4 modifications

Here's what happened to that one modded 4x4 caught on NLEX
by Drei Laurel | Oct 17, 2018
PHOTO: Jama Ramos

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) have finally spoken regarding the alleged apprehension of modified 4x4s.

The statement also clarifies the assumption that authorities are focused solely on apprehending modified vehicles, and says that this perception is unfair. The DOTr says that so far, only one such vehicle has been impounded during an operation along NLEX—and this was because it was not currently registered.

According to the two government agencies, authorities are not "arbitrarily and subjectively" apprehending owners of such vehicles. "However, the LTO must implement the existing law," a joint statement released early today says.

The DOTr says the LTO is basing its actions on Department Order No. 2010-32 dated 08 September 2010: Harmonization of Motor Vehicle (MV) Classifications of LTO and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). This order, the statement says, is aligned with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which is the standard which other ASEAN countries follow.

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According to Section 5, Number 5.2 of the Order, the following are prohibited:

Prohibited vehicle modifications:

  1. Axle modification
  2. Chassis modification
  3. Extended chassis/body
  4. Additional siding of dump trucks
  5. Extended overhangs
  6. Change of rim size
  7. Handlebar modification
  8. Muffler modification
  9. Reconfiguration of body and design
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"Please note that tampering with the engine performance, drivetrain, suspension, wheels, and brakes of a vehicle, which are outside the approved parameters or its basic components, may affect its performance, and may compromise safety," the statement added. Enhancements to the interior and exterior trim are allowed provided the car's design is not compromised.

If an owner wishes to modify his or her vehicle, the DOTr says he or she will be permitted provided "a Certificate of Road Safety from the manufacturer can be presented by the owner" to prove such changes will not compromise safety.

"The Law Enforcement Unit of the LTO is out there on the road every day, apprehending all types of violators."

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What do you think? Is the explanation sufficient, or do the DOTr and LTO have more explaining to do?

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PHOTO: Jama Ramos
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