You can get apprehended for hogging the left lane on the expressway

Just a friendly reminder
by Leandre Grecia | Jul 16, 2019
PHOTO: Drei Laurel

Hogging the leftmost lane—aka the overtaking lane—is forbidden on the expressway. In a previous story, we’ve even listed down other reasons why you shouldn’t make it a habit. Sadly, judging by how many people are guilty of it day in and day out, a lot of drivers still lack either the knowledge or the discipline to refrain from doing it.

At this point, we might sound like a broken record already, but we just need to keep reminding people about proper lane courtesy when driving on the freeway. For everyone’s sake.

Coincidentally, the North Luzon Expressway Corporation gave the same reminder on its Facebook page earlier today. Check out the post below:

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The photo’s pretty straightforward, really. Lane 1 is for overtaking purposes only, so there should be no driver on the said lane for any reason other than that. If you’re driving at the speed limit, which is 100kph for both the northern and southern tollways, you should remain on Lane 2 and only drive on the leftmost lane when you’re trying to pass someone slower in front of you.

The South Luzon Expressway, for that matter, has also started flashing warning messages through LED signboards across the whole stretch of the tollway. The warning reads ‘Violators will be apprehended,’ reminding drivers to refrain from staying too long on the leftmost lanes.

So, there you have it. For the nth time, please stop hogging the left lane.

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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