Infographic: The horrific Carmageddon that was caused by the INC rally

How many cars were affected?
by Tracy Carpena | Sep 3, 2015

Before we move on from the Carmageddon that ruined our long weekend took place recently, let's make an objective review of the numbers. Thanks to our friends from, the Waze-like app for Metro Manila commuters, we have the following infographic to share with you.

The 63-hour rally foisted upon us by the Iglesia Ni Cristo faithful caused an additional five hours of traffic for our southbound motorists and disrupted "only" three events, including the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (or UPCAT). Someday, these jittery UPCAT takers will remember examination day as the most stressful day of their academic life. Not only did they have to worry about passing the test, they also had to think about how they could make it to their exam venue on time.

Check out the complete infographic below.

Infographic from


Infographic: Iglesia ni Cristo rally

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