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The Court of Appeals recently ruled that the local government of Makati has jurisdiction over the once-vast Fort Bonifacio military base, which includes the popular and highly urbanized Bonifacio Global City. Which means BGC is no longer the domain of Taguig City.

Of course, motorists are now in a quandary as to whether Makati City's position in banning vehicles from 7am to 7pm--without the usual window break from 10am to 3pm--will be in effect inside BGC as well. The motoring public has taken to social media, specifically via Makati City's official Twitter account (@MakatiTraffic) to air this concern.

In the past six hours alone, the administrators behind the Twitter account have replied to four inquiries as to when the Makati-style number-coding rule will take effect in BGC. Their official answer?

"As of now, there is no advice regarding the effectivity of Makati number-coding in BGC."

BGC used to be a safe haven for motorists going toward Makati during the 10am to 3pm window hours. After all, why traverse the traffic-filled stretch of EDSA after 7pm when you can just wait outside the city's doorsteps and simply cross over once the ban is lifted?

So, while the Makati City government has yet to issue an advisory as to when its number-coding scheme will take effect in BCG, we can only advise you to constantly monitor its Twitter account daily for updates. Or better yet, don't use your car at all when you're going to BGC on your car's coding day. Makati does have a history of rolling out traffic rules without informing anyone. Remember how the city used to change the directions of its one-way streets almost on a whim?

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