Is the MMDA ready for the incoming super typhoon?

It's good to be prepared
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Sep 12, 2018
PHOTO: Paulo Rafael Subido

As we type this, the skies over Metro Manila have already become dark, and the MMDA has already begun preparing for a potentially catastrophic weather event.

According to the latest bulletin from PAGASA, Typhoon Mangkhut--which is packing 140kph maximum sustained winds and gusts of up to 170 kph--will be entering the Philippine area of responsibility today. The PAGASA website states: The typhoon may enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility this afternoon (12 September) and will be named 'Ompong'. The typhoon is threatening Northern Luzon and may traverse the Cagayan-Batanes area.

Metro Manila will be affected. Here's the list of gear that the MMDA has at the ready--just in case:





PSD Rubber boat 4 Napindan
Rescue van 1 Orense
Military truck 2 Napindan
Pasig Ferry Trash boat 2 Guadalupe Station
Trash skimmer 1 Guadalupe Station
Passenger boat 2 Guadalupe Station
REG Ambulance 7 Roxas Blvd., Ortigas, Timog, Libis, Tandang Sora, Nagtahan Base
Tow truck 2 Orense, Ortigas Base
Military truck 2 Orense, Timog Base
Fire truck 2 Orense, Timog Base
Boom Truck 1 Timog Base
Chainsaw 7 Orense, Timog Base
Rescue Battalion Life Vest 100 Napindan
Ring Buoys 100 Napindan
TEC Dump truck 1 Road Safety Unit
Boom truck 1 Road Safety Unit
MPCG Chainsaw 4 Road Safety Unit
Wing van 2 Road Safety Unit
Pickup 2 Road Safety Unit
Man lifter 2 Road Safety Unit
Telescopic pruner 3 Road Safety Unit
FCSMO 2-ton dump truck 2 105 Base
3-ton dump truck 3 Napindan
4 -ton dump truck 3 105 Base
11-ton dump truck 2 Central Manila
Hook lift truck 3 Napindan
Cargo truck 2 Napindan
Wing Van 1 105 Base
Water Truck 1 105 Base
Vacuum truck 1 105 Base
SRECO flushing Machine 1 105 Base
Pumper truck 1 Napindan
Spider backhoe 1 Napindan
Rough-terrain crane 2 Napindan
Truck-mounted crane 1 Napindan
Military Truck 1 North Manila FCOD
Low-bed truck 1 Napindan
Truck tractor 1 Napindan
HPSEPMO-MSSO Van 2 Napindan, Guadalupe
Cargo truck 1 Guadalupe
Mini bus 1 Napindan

Does that put you at ease? In any case, we really should make preparations of our own as well, especially if we have no choice but to get behind the wheel.

For our readers in Northern Luzon, do stay safe and dry. We hope that we don't have a repeat of Typhoon Ondoy.


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PHOTO: Paulo Rafael Subido
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