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LA Coroner\'s Office releases report on Paul Walker\'s death


The Los Angeles County Coroner\'s Office has released its findings on the accident that killed The Fast & The Furious star Paul Walker and his Always Evolving (tuning company) business partner Roger Rodas.

According to the agency, the red Porsche Carrera GT Walker and Rodas were riding in was traveling \"at an unsafe speed, approximately 100+mph (over 160kph)\" when the accident occurred. For unknown reasons, the driver, Rodas, lost control of the vehicle and struck a curb, with the driver\'s side striking a tree and then a light post with such force that the car then spun 180 degrees, whereupon the passenger\'s side struck another tree before the car burst into flames.

\"The vehicle was totaled with major traffic collision damage all around, and it appeared that the vehicle was split almost in half,\" the report added.

Based on the report, it only took 13 minutes from when the accident occurred to when the responding firemen determined that both Walker and Rodas had perished in the accident.

As for Walker\'s cause of death, the medical examiner described it as the \"combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries,\" and that due to its extent, he \"is not a viable candidate for tissue donation.\"

Toxicology reports also cleared Walker of any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the accident.

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